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The North Dakota APRN Preceptor Bureau was designed to provide key educational materials and resources and connections to help increase the availability of APRN preceptors for North Dakota’s educational programs. This program was developed by the ND Center for Nursing Leadership Team Preceptor Program workgroup which plans to develop an RN Preceptor Program during 2015-2016.

All APRNS currently working in North Dakota (you do not need to have experience as a preceptor) and APRNs that are currently preceptors for ND Nursing Education programs are eligible to join the preceptor bureau. To get started complete the application form to join:

Click to submit Application Form

Once you have completed the application form and are accepted, you will have access to the following:

Listing on ND Preceptor Bureau webpage:

The ND Preceptor Bureau webpage is only accessible to bureau participants and ND nursing education programs and serves as a source for linking interested preceptors with education programs. Preceptors are encouraged to contact the education programs they are interested in precepting with and education programs are encouraged to contact preceptors in areas where a student is interested in clinical training. Your name, email address, location, specialty practice, place of employment and degree will be shared on this page. This page will also include links to additional resources.

SAGE (Socializer, Assessor, Guardian, Educator): Roles of the Preceptor online webinar:

Once accepted to the Preceptor Bureau, you will receive a link to an online webinar. This webinar includes an overview of theories, frameworks, key concepts and principles that influence the knowledge, skills, abilities and judgment for the role of the preceptor. The webinar provides 1 North Dakota Board of Nursing contact hour.

Mastering Precepting by Beth Ulrich (2012)

For the first 15 APRNs that sign up to participate in our ND APRN Preceptor Bureau and complete the webinar, we will send a free copy of Mastering Precepting to use as a resource.